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Like every other girl in the world I crave beautiful skin. I thrive off of compliments from others. My skin is my most important accessory. So, choosing Obagi as my skincare was the best decision of my life! I began using Obagi-C Rx at age 29. Since then I can hardly go anywhere without someone complimenting my skin, trying to guess my age and asking me what I use to keep a flawless complexion. Most women become upset when others play the guessing game with their age, but I enjoy it. I am almost 32 and am easily mistaken for 18- 20. At the rate I’m going, I will look 30 when I am 50+. Trust me, Obagi will get you the positive attention you need and the self confidence you deserve. I will never go anywhere else for my skincare. Use Obagi and get noticed. Obagi is where it’s at! I would love to become the next Obagi Ambassador because I am an avid user of the products. (ELASTIderm Eye Cream, Obagi-C Rx) I will never again use department store products, I am Obagi for Life!

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