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There are few products that inspire my loyalty but Obagi Nu-Derm is at the top of the list of products I refuse to do without. Obagi Nu-Derm products have transformed my skin over the past five years since I began using them.

Like so many southern girls, I grew up sun worshiping in the backyard and on the Florida beaches. Not only did we not use sunscreen, we amplified the sun with oils!

In my forties, I began to see the results...fine lines, brown spots and decreasing skin tone!I had never consistently used a skin care program and was skeptical about the effectiveness of the available regimens.

At the recommendation of the dematoligist I was seeing for removal of a basal cell skin cancer, I purchased my first supply of the Obagi Nu-Derm System!

After some initial redness, irritation, and peeling, I have watched the gradual transformation of my skin! Today, my fine lines are less visible, my brown spots have disappeared, and my skin glows...without any makeup!!!

People often tell me how beautiful my skin is and I tell them the reason is Obagi! I LOVE Obagi Nu-Derm products and recommend them to everyone!

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