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What Are Under-Eye Bags?
Did you know that eye bags are genetic? Unlike ‘puffiness’ typically caused by lack of sleep, dehydration or allergies, many women and men experience eye bags because their parents have them and as we get older they become more prominent.  As skin ages, the degradation of elastin in the skin results in loss of elastic recoil and laxity. For those with eye bags, the fat pads, which are a permanent condition, may then bulge and push forward as skin stretches and muscles relax under the eye. This aged skin, unable to stretch and relax like youthful skin, then sags forward. The result is the appearance of eye bags which can often cause sufferers to look older and more tired than they actually are.1,2

Introducing Neotensil™ by Living Proof®  
Obagi is thrilled to have partnered with Living Proof to offer patients a revolutionary solution for under-eye bags—Neotensil Under-Eye Reshaping Procedure. The innovative technology behind Neotensil was invented by a world-renowned team of researchers and clinicians at Living Proof, the brand that brought you Living Proof hair care*.

What is Neotensil?
Neotensil is the first do-it-yourself, non-invasive solution that acts like invisible facial shapewear to visibly compress under-eye bags. It’s totally transparent, 100% natural looking and you can see results within an hour. Upon application, it forms a breathable, invisible film that:2

  • Tightens, compresses, smoothes and re-contours the appearance of eye bags and lax skin for up to 16 hours
  • Is noninvasive, requires no needles, no surgery, no downtime
  • Is safe, comfortable, does not cause irritation and is durable enough to be worn all day
  • Is designed for daily at-home application 

The Neotensil kit is designed for 7 weeks of daily usage and contains:

  • Step 1: The Reshaping Base 
  • Step 2: The Activating Layer 
  • Neotensil Reshaping Tool 
  • Neotensil Remover and Neotensil Remover Pads 
  • Neotensil Skin Prep Towelettes
  • Optional:  Neotensil Under-Eye Coverage Powder available in five shades to match your skin tone and enhance your appearance by providing additional coverage for any skin discoloration/dark circles or to blend with full-face makeup.

The Science
So what makes Neotensil work? Scientifically developed and clinically tested by leading dermatologists, Neotensil uses Living Proof’s breakthrough skin technology, Strateris®, a skin-conforming polymer technology that acts like a “second skin” and is wearable, breathable, durable, invisible and adheres to the skin. The Strateris technology intrinsically wants to shrink and become flat, helping to reshape and compress the appearance of bulges and underlying, lax skin.3

The Results
The Biesman Anderson Gilchrest Lower Lid Typing Scale™ is used by skin care physicians to determine the severity of under-eye bags. The B.A.G. scale ranges from 1-9; 1 being non-existent or very mild, and 9, the most severe rating, is marked by very prominent under-eye bags with very prominent orbital fat.4

After using Neotensil, 94% of patients in a clinical study saw an improvement of 1 bag grade or greater and 68% with moderate bags improved by 2 grades or more. What’s more, 99% of users demonstrated a positive global aesthetic response, in other words, they felt that their overall appearance was improved. While the primary purpose of Neotensil is to minimize the appearance of under-eye bags, many people will also be delighted with how Neotensil also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around their eyes.4

Need more convincing? You can see the results for yourself here*. 
Do you want to experience the dramatic effects of Neotensil Under-Eye Reshaping Procedure? Ask your dermatologist or plastic surgeon if they carry it, or use our physician finder if you don’t already have a skin care physician.

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