Guest Blogger Maryam Gets Celebrity-Stopping Skin Thanks To Obagi

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It”s not every day that a major celebrity stops you on the street to ask how you got such beautiful skin. But for Maryam, it did, and she gives credit to Obagi®. We asked this CLENZIderm M.D.™ devotee to be a guest blogger and share her Obagi story with you!

Name: Maryam Myika Day
Profession: Actress, Producer
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Obagi Skin Care Regimen: CLENZIderm M.D. Normal to Oily System
Primary Skin Concern: acne and blemishes

The first time I heard about Obagi products was through a friend and although I usually trust her opinion on most things, I must admit, I was skeptical about trying ”new things“ on my face. Not to mention that my skin is very sensitive and in most cases I have to be extra careful of climate changes and new environments—even the acidity in water that I use on my face and skin. I didn”t have much desire to try yet another new product that promised results.

I make my living as a working actor* in Los Angeles and while working on set I was introduced yet again to Obagi products. My makeup artist requested that I wash my face once more to remove any grit and dirt from the previous shot in order to reapply more makeup. She handed me the Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. Daily Foaming Cleanser and I was AMAZED at how fresh, crisp and tighter my skin felt. Even with just that first wash, my skin had a brightness to it I had not seen before. After that moment I was hooked—but it got better. She then applied CLENZIderm Pore Therapy, and that took my fresh face feel to a whole new level! After work, I called my dermatologist to talk about using it every day.

My work as an actor has landed me roles on television, film, Broadway and print; it is important to have clear, youthful-looking skin. For me, Obagi CLENZIderm does the trick. The irony to all of this is that I don't even wear makeup daily anymore because Obagi has cleared my complexion completely—and it”s not just me that sees it—I get compliments from other people all the time now!**

In fact, my skin looked so great after I started using Obagi that even RuPaul stopped me on the street to ask ”Why is your skin so beautiful?“ I told him, ”It’s the Obagi!“

I call it my Obagi difference. My confidence is through the roof and I never worry about breakouts, acne, or black heads anymore. I even got everyone in my household to use it—including my husband. It has changed the way we care for our skin. Obagi is my secret weapon that I can”t stop talking about.

Did Maryam”s skin transformation convince you to learn more about Obagi products? Only your skin care physician can determine what is best for your skin; be sure to meet with him or her to plan a skin care regimen that will deliver the most effective results and address your individual concerns.

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