Obagi Ambassador Jenny Shares Her Story of Sun Damage

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What’s our number one tip for preventing, or slowing, skin aging? If you guessed daily sunscreen protection, you’re correct! Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day—during the winter and summer, rain or shine—provides protection against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays and can help prevent premature signs of aging caused by sun damage. As we explain in this video, sun damage can lead to structural changes in the skin that may not be visible for years, which is exactly what our newest Obagi Brand Ambassador Jenny experienced. Luckily for Jenny, her lovingly relentless (and Obagi®-obsessed) mom gifted her with Obagi products to help Jenny transform her skin and teach her the importance of a good skin care routine and daily sunscreen. This is her story:

Name: Jenny Sokol
Primary Skin Concern: Sun Damage
Obagi Products Used: Obagi Nu-Derm® System, Hydrate Facial Moisturizer, Professional-C™ Serums

About Jenny:
I’m a freelance writer, stay-at-home mom, and carpool chauffeur. I enjoy reading, exercising, and hanging out with my family. I’m deeply devoted to my Crockpot. As a former naval officer and military spouse, I’ve had the opportunity to travel globally, and I love the adventure of moving to new places. My favorite author is Elizabeth Berg, and I enjoy scouting out (and reading) great middle grade and young adult fiction books for my tweens. My favorite season is summer, which leads to my one piece of skin care advice: sunscreen! I’m pro-aging (not anti) and am confident that Obagi keeps my skin healthy and glowing.

My Obagi Story:
As a child, I spent my summers at the local pool and tennis court. Fair-skinned and not well-informed about sunscreen, meant living with ”rosy“ cheeks and a constantly sunburned nose.

In my thirties, after the removal of a basal cell carcinoma above my lip and the yearly ritual of the dermatologist freezing the multiple actinic keratosis on my face, I realized the extent of my skin damage. My mom, who has now been using Obagi for twenty-two years, encouraged me to give Obagi a try. As a self-proclaimed low-maintenance, outdoorsy-type, I balked at the idea of using products with multiple steps. I didn’t want to mess with peeling skin as my skin got used to the system. Though my mom’s skin looked younger than mine, I maintained that sunscreen and drugstore soap would eventually do the trick. Needless to say, it didn’t.

Last year at Christmas, at the age of forty-one, my mom gave me the gift of Obagi. Really, she gave me the gift of radiant skin. Within a few weeks, a friend stopped in her tracks to ask me, ”What are you using on your skin?“

I realized that the steps only take a minute or two; and the peeling phase I was so dreading, actually passed quickly and painlessly*.

For the first time, I feel confident about my skin. My pores appear smaller, my wrinkles are softening, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about my Nu-Derm results! I can’t wait to see the continued transformation that I know will come as I remain on Obagi. If only I hadn’t been so stubborn for so long!

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*results may vary.

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